Rules for the PVD disk (Personal Vdisk)

I will post a short description for the new way that the PVD can split the application and user part. By default this is a 50/50 split, and recently we had to modify this for one of our clients.

In the new version of PVD that comes with XD 7.6 the “default” behavior has changed a little.

  • EnableDynamicResizeOfAppContainer

Enables or disables the dynamic resizing algorithm.

    • When set to 1, the application space (on C:) is resized automatically when the free space on C: falls below 10%. Allowed values are 1 and 0. A restart is required to effect the resize.
    • When set to 0, the VHD size is determined according to the method used in XenDesktop versions earlier than 7.x

Default = 1

We will put this key value to 0 – allowing us to manually set the amount of space for apps/profile (demanded by our client)


EnableDynamicResizeOfAppContainer = 0



Sets the split between the application part (C:) and the profile part of the vDisk. This value is used when creating new VMs, and during image updates when EnableDynamicResizeOfAppContainer is set to 0.

PercentOfPvDForApps  = 80 (80%) -demanded

So to resume by using the first key set to 0 you can revert back to the behavior of the previous versions, and set the split manually.

Don’t forget about the custom “rules” files, in case you have specific applications or location that you want in the personal vdisk – we will talk more about this in the next post



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