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issue maintenance + power off machines- solution

I will describe a problem encountered some time ago regarding finding large numbers of vms in maintenance enabled and powered off.    

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Import Power-time scheme

#ImportPowerTimeScheme <Uid> <FileScheme> $PowerTimes = Get-BrokerPowerTimeScheme Foreach ($PowerTime in $PowerTimes) { $file=”path” $file+=$PowerTime.Uid $file+=”.txt” $Content=Get-Content $file Set-BrokerPowerTimeScheme $PowerTime.uid -PoolSize $Content Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green “Enter your txt here”

Export Power-time schemes for all desktop groups

#Export Powertime scheme $PowerTimes = Get-BrokerPowerTimeScheme new-item -Path “path”  -ItemType directory Foreach ($PowerTime in $PowerTimes) { $file= “path” $file+=$PowerTime.Uid $file+=”.txt” echo $PowerTime.PoolSize | Out-file $file }