Update OS layer

Upgrading the OS layer is a recurrent action that has to be done, because you have to upgrade with the security KB the base OS and their components.

Taking this in account you should follow the following steps :

  1. Logon to the ELM

2. Go to layers

3. Choose OS layers

4. Select the desired OS layer that you want to update

5 . select the version information and then add version

6. Give the new version a name\ number and fill the description for the new version for example may cumulative update , select your connector of choice .

7. Finish the wizard on ELM level

8. Go to your supervisor log onto the new created machine by ELM install your updates/modifications. I recommend , 2 reboots after you finish all the tasks, to be sure that windows will process well your changes.

9. Click on the finalize icon

10. The automated process will take over and in a few minutes you will have a new version to work with

At the end you will have a new version of the OS layer available into the ELM console


  1. How do you perform an OS layer update in the Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM)?
    Telkom Informatika

    1. Following the tutorial above, you can do an update on your OS layer.

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