Create a Platform Layer

This is the backbone of the Applayer image because it collects all the important bits ( domain join, policies, Citrix components)

The Platform layer contains the following :

  • domain join of the future image to a domain
  • target device
  • VDA
  • Workspace client if necessary
  • Other generic stuff that cannot be place in a separate layer.

This should be lightweight and no other apps should stay there. Except the one that maybe Citrix recommended.

First step is to log into the ELM console go to platform layers

press create a platform layer

After press confirm and complete.

At your hypervisor level ELM will create a virtual machine from the OS template chosen . Log in into imagine.

There you do the domain join, add the citrix components target device and VDA then , workspace if need it.

Do GPO update and install other software if necessary.

Reboot twice and finalize the layer. Now you will have a new platform layer ready to use

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