XenDesktop Setup Wizard 7.6- new “feature”

When using the Xendesktop Setup Wizard on version7.6, I encountered the follow problem, the wizard is not keeping my HDD  attached to the virtual machine template at the value defined by me,  it recreated a new HDD of 6GB default value  on SCSI at the 0:1  instead the original one at 0:0 ….

That disk was unknown to my vdisk operating system and all my cache files that were supposed to be written there ruined…..

I found out that is a feature on the official site.

So in order do avoid that new feature the workaround is to use the stream wizard VM Setup Wizard

That will preserve your setting of the template vm and the setting in the vdisk will not be impacted by the sudden change of a HDD controller of the disk.

After using the wizard you have to do the manual import of the machines into  machine catalog and Delivery Group.



  1. How does the XenDesktop Setup Wizard 7.6 handle HDD settings, and what workaround can be used to preserve the original template VM settings when encountering issues with the default disk configuration?
    Telkom Telekomunikasi

    1. If you use The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops setup Wizard discards any hard disks that are attached to a template. This process minimizes provisioning time.
      Streamed vm setup use your template.
      I hope I answered to your question

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