Create an Application Layer

This is a the tutorial that learns you how to build an individual layer for an application. These apps are based on existing OS layer that is not domain join and usually comes with a receipt from Citrix ( Office, Skype, Teams)

For each application that will be in a image you have to build a layer, at the end all those layers will be part from a vdisk. Here i am going to present a generic way of doing it.

So, as a first step you go to ELM console and navigate to App layers

Fill the required field with the app description and give all the details for the build, select your hypervisor in my case it was vmware

Go for create the virtual machine that will contain your software

Log into your virtual machine install your software of choice , as a best practice, before hitting the finalize button, reboot at least 2 time the virtual machine. Finalize the software layer and at the end of the process, in your ELM console, the software it will be listed under the App layers tab.

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