Skype and XenDesktop

On this article I try to tackle a little the topic of using the Skype for Business in the VDI environment.

Citrix developed a new  plugin for  HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.0.100 designed for this special special task to help the implementation of  Skype in VDI.

The idea is to offload at the client level the audio\video stream and keep the  VDI servers as free as possible, all the process to be redirected at the hypervisor level.

The plugin in the test made on the infra performed well. the video stream was pretty ok. the average usage of the memory on the skype video call on the VDI machine  it was around 75%,  CPU 55%. The vdisk used for this was set with the offload  cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk  (400 MB)

The video resolution obtained it was 640 x 480 at the sender side and 640 x 368 on receiver side according with the measurement made by receiver.

The  test was made to get the optimized peer- to-peer approach in order to use the resources on the clients machines and offload the servers infrastructure .

For a quick overview you can check this video out

How to check the connector is functioning:

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