Offline vdisk creation

There are some situations when the PVS server can’t be reach from various reasons. In this case there is  a  workaround to create a vdisk from scratch and import to PVS server  latter on.

In my scenario  I will have a vmware infra there I will have the base image and i will attach another disk of 80 GB in order to accommodate the size of my new vdisk.

I log on to my machine where  I will add my new disk and create a volume and it will look like that

On this image I already installed the target device 7.15

I navigate to c:\program files\citrix\ Provision Services and i will launch the P2PVS utility

As i said the PVS server is not available, I will choose the option from this machine to virtual disk v2 or v1 if you have an older PVS server version .

Select only the volume that you need to convert and proceed further

Select the destination for the new vdisk

And convert at the end you’ll have a functional vdisk that can be copied on a PVS server and imported to vdisk pool and use it.



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