ELM appliance install

In this tutorial will speak about how to deploy an ELM applance , from the citrix website in the download section take source that suits your need . I followed of course the Citrix recommendations from here, but at the end i tuned as i need it.

For my example i choose the vmware one.

After that i used the procedure for importing the OVF file about 5 GB

On the vmware level you can add a disk for accommodate the layers that will be delivered via Applayer.

In may case this the hardware that i choose to use for my virtual machine, in order to have a decent speed for producing the layers.

Power on the appliance and follow the on screen wizard to finish the setup of the ELM from Vmware console, there you define the IP address of the machine. that will be the access address for ELM.

At the end the you will be able to access the ELM from the web interface.

Note: as the current interface use silverlight… you will be able to use it only with Internet Explorer 11. For the moment that is the only way of using the ELM interface .

You can log with the default username administrator and password Unidesk1


  1. what is the significance of using Internet Explorer 11 for accessing the ELM interface due to its current dependency on Silverlight?
    Telkom University

    1. Internet is no longer supported by ELM, so there is no dependency on Silverlight. Now you can use Chrome, Firefox for accessing the ELM interface.

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