configure App-v client to access a sharecache

After the classic installation of the App-v client, it can be redirected to access a sharecache location.This is useful in scenarios like VDI where you have a cached apps file and yo avoid the stream of the app-v server to the vdi at log on and obtain a better user experience.

Open the registry hive of the App-v client

Locate the following directory for windows 7 64 bit


Locate the following directory for Windows 7 32 bit :


Modify the registry settings with the following:

FileName   String      path to FSD   Specifies the path to the shared cache file, for example, \\servername\AppV\SharedCache\sftfs.fsd

ReadOnlyFSD     DWORD    1   Configures the client to operate in Read-Only mode. This ensures that the client will not attempt to stream updates to the package cache

ErrorLogLocation  create string  path to error log (.etl) file  Entry used to specify the path to the error log. (Recommended. Use a local path such as C:\Logs\Sftfs.etl).


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