App-V 5 Server Interface – descriere scurta

Launch internet explorer

The user must be logged in with administrative privileges


Enter the following url link:

http://fqdn of server:81/console.html

The port will changing depending on the configuration made during installation



The main management interface of the server will appear in the internet explorer windows.

From here the administrator can add packages see the status of those packages, check status of servers and different settings.



The main buttons of the console and their explination

1. A quick overview of the App-V System
2. Packages and Connection Groups
3. Servers
4. Administrators


The App-V System presents an overview of each component of the App-V 5 full infrastructure


Click on any of the components to see additional description


The Packages tab is the main window of the web interface console.

This interface is used for managing packages, adding new packages , modifying settings and access and creating connection groups (ex DSC)


The “Servers” tab allows administrator to see the status of the added publishing servers

The main action used in this view is to “register” or “unregister” a specific server






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