XenDesktop Setup Wizard 7.6- new “feature”

When using the Xendesktop Setup Wizard on version7.6, I encountered the follow problem, the wizard is not keeping my HDD  attached to the virtual machine template at the value defined by me,  it recreated a new HDD of 6GB default value  on SCSI at the 0:1  instead the original one at 0:0 …. Continue reading

Xendesktop controller upgrade 5.6 FP1 to 7.6

On the existing XenDeskop Controller  5.6 FP1 uninstall in the following order the older version on controller.

– console

-Citrix Xendesktop server

You might want to leave web interface for legacy. in my upgrade i left that in place.

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SQL update script

There are cases when the access to the databases servers is restricted or the user that is given has not enough privileges to make the update automatically in a migration situation….  in those cases Citrix offers a possibility to generate a script that can be given to DB Admin to run on your databases to be  updated as need it

for that in the PVS server it is a utility software DBscript.exe that can generate that for you



Run that .exe and select the situation you are in from the 3 choices and where to be saved the output.




this is an example how it is looking an update file for SQL database


The output  file can be given to the DB Admin to run it.

PVS console upgrade from 6.0\6.1 to 7.6

After the server upgrade the console is need to be upgraded to the same level

So on the wizard window run the console installation






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Upgrade PVS server from 6.0\6.1 to 7.6

On my scenario i had the SQL server 2008 R2 ( mirror) who served the PVS 6.0 and 6.1 servers  and according with the Citrix documentation i didn’t had to make any specific preparation. Of course a backup is need it in case some thing goes wrong. After the backup is done on the SQL server or just verify that the full backup jobs run as expected you can go to the next steps

So 1st of all I log on to the PVS server and as first action uninstall the old version of console and server  from Programs and Features




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configure App-v client to access a sharecache

After the classic installation of the App-v client, it can be redirected to access a sharecache location.This is useful in scenarios like VDI where you have a cached apps file and yo avoid the stream of the app-v server to the vdi at log on and obtain a better user experience.

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Tips for create a vdisk

The idea is to make that operating system fast and light because it will be need in the VDI context . Keeping that  in mind I put some points as a guide line for producing that kind of virtual disk

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issue maintenance + power off machines- solution

I will describe a problem encountered some time ago regarding finding large numbers of vms in maintenance enabled and powered off.


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Import Power-time scheme

#ImportPowerTimeScheme <Uid> <FileScheme>
$PowerTimes = Get-BrokerPowerTimeScheme
Foreach ($PowerTime in $PowerTimes)
$Content=Get-Content $file
Set-BrokerPowerTimeScheme $PowerTime.uid -PoolSize $Content
Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green “Enter your txt here”

Export Power-time schemes for all desktop groups

#Export Powertime scheme
$PowerTimes = Get-BrokerPowerTimeScheme

new-item -Path “path”  -ItemType directory
Foreach ($PowerTime in $PowerTimes)
$file= “path”
echo $PowerTime.PoolSize | Out-file $file