Category: XenDesktop 7

Oct 22

Upgrade PVS server from 6.0\6.1 to 7.6

On my scenario i had the SQL server 2008 R2 ( mirror) who served the PVS 6.0 and 6.1 servers  and according with the Citrix documentation i didn’t had to make any specific preparation. Of course a backup is need it in case some thing goes wrong. After the backup is done on the SQL server …

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Jun 06

Tips for create a vdisk

The idea is to make that operating system fast and light because it will be need in the VDI context . Keeping that  in mind I put some points as a guide line for producing that kind of virtual disk

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Feb 05

Installation/Configuration XenDesktop 7.1 Controller

    The Studio Interface will auto start after finishing the Controller installationSelect Get Started Create Site  

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Jan 30

Install and configure Personal vDisk

In this tutorial I start from having already a vdisk with a VDA  5.6 version which I remove it and used the one from the Xendesktop 7.1 version for my PvD So first step was to mount my vdisk to update device in read\write mode and uninstall the old VDA . second step was to …

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