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Feb 05

Create a DesktopGroup for XD5.6

#————————————————————————————————— #PowerShell sample script to create a new shared XenDesktop 5.x desktop group # #Note: One or more required values must be specified below before executing the script. # # # #Version 1.0 #———————————————————————————————–

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Feb 05

Installation/Configuration XenDesktop 7.1 Controller

    The Studio Interface will auto start after finishing the Controller installationSelect Get Started Create Site  

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Jan 30

Install and configure Personal vDisk

In this tutorial I start from having already a vdisk with a VDA  5.6 version which I remove it and used the one from the Xendesktop 7.1 version for my PvD So first step was to mount my vdisk to update device in read\write mode and uninstall the old VDA . second step was to …

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Nov 05

audio redirection not working in VDI

In case there is a problem with audio redirection from VDI  to the client machine and in the services console  the windows audio is marked as automatic but can’t be started , showing the 1068 dependency error. follow the steps below

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Oct 16

vdisk assignment to virtual machines

Forr this action open the PVS console navigate to the device collection and select the appropriate collection. Select one of the target device and press properties

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Sep 13

Identity manager

The sources are found in the PVS install files this one is to be installed after you put the target device in place and is for avoiding having duplicate MAC addresses for the VDI machines. So first step you run as administrator the installer and press next

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May 13

Configure SQL 2008 R2 Mirror – Part 1 – modify database + backup

Primul post in engleza:) Pre-requirements: –          2 machines installed with the same version of SQL enterprise –          The same administrative accounts on both servers –          Create a folder in root on both SQL servers ( C:\db_backup) –          The principal database must be in FULL recovery mode

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Mar 29

configurarea interfeței web – Xenapp

Accesul web poate fi configurat din doua locuri  Xenapp Server Role Manager, și din consola Citrix AppCenter Eu am ales acum varianta cu Xenapp Server Role Manager

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Mar 22

Publicarea unei aplicații prin Xenapp

Operațiunea de publicare a unei aplicații în Xenapp este relativ simplă. Am să prezint publicarea unei aplicații simple. Pentru a începe procesul de publicare deschid consola citrix appcenter și navighez în interiorul fermei Xenapp la applications

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Feb 10

importul certificatului de vcenter pentru a interacționa cu Xendesktop

În situațiile în care avem medii hibrid Xendesktop +Vmware nu exista o relație de trust intre cele două platforme. Ca să rezolvăm problema aceasta trebuie ca certificatul serverului de vcenter să fie importat pe serverul de Xendestop Controller. Pașii ar fi următorii: 1. Se verifică dacă există înregistrare DNS a vCenter, dacă nu se crează …

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