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ELM appliance install

In this tutorial will speak about how to deploy an ELM applance , from the citrix website in the download section take source that suits your need . I followed of course the Citrix recommendations from here, but at the end i tuned as i need it. For my example i choose the vmware one.

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OS layer creation

I’ll present below how to create a new OS layer from scratch. Log on into the ELM web console and navigate to layers OS layers In the right pane there is create OS layer, click on it

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ELM appliance update

I will present now how update and ELM appliance . For the begining a snapshot of the ELM machine is good to take into account, with the machine off, I advice. Another backup solution is to export all layers. Choose the one that suits you the more I followed the citrix documentation I got …

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