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Jul 02

configure App-v client to access a sharecache

After the classic installation of the App-v client, it can be redirected to access a sharecache location.This is useful in scenarios like VDI where you have a cached apps file and yo avoid the stream of the app-v server to the vdi at log on and obtain a better user experience.

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Jun 06

Tips for create a vdisk

The idea is to make that operating system fast and light because it will be need in the VDI context . Keeping that  in mind I put some points as a guide line for producing that kind of virtual disk

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Apr 16

issue maintenance + power off machines- solution

I will describe a problem encountered some time ago regarding finding large numbers of vms in maintenance enabled and powered off.    

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Jan 30

Install and configure Personal vDisk

In this tutorial I start from having already a vdisk with a VDA  5.6 version which I remove it and used the one from the Xendesktop 7.1 version for my PvD So first step was to mount my vdisk to update device in read\write mode and uninstall the old VDA . second step was to …

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Nov 05

audio redirection not working in VDI

In case there is a problem with audio redirection from VDI  to the client machine and in the services console  the windows audio is marked as automatic but can’t be started , showing the 1068 dependency error. follow the steps below

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Oct 16

vdisk assignment to virtual machines

Forr this action open the PVS console navigate to the device collection and select the appropriate collection. Select one of the target device and press properties

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Sep 13

Identity manager

The sources are found in the PVS install files this one is to be installed after you put the target device in place and is for avoiding having duplicate MAC addresses for the VDI machines. So first step you run as administrator the installer and press next

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Jul 26

create DFS for sharedcache

first sept for the creation of a DFS is to go  on server manager and select on the right side pane the “Roles” node. In the right side pane click on the “Add Roles” button just like in the picture.

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Jun 21

Creation of the sharedcache file

First of all you have to be log on with an account that can start all published apps Open the registry editor of that machine.Select “Run as administrator” = enter the password provided Locate and document the App-v Staging Computer Cache File Location The value can be found at 32bit Systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\AppFS: FileName 64bit Systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\AppFS: FileName …

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Jun 10

create DFS share for App-v

In this article will show how to install DFS share for the sharecache feature of APP-v First step will be In the server manager window select on the right side pane the “Roles” node.In the right side pane click on the “Add Roles” button just like in the picture.

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