Apr 16

issue maintenance + power off machines- solution

I will describe a problem encountered some time ago regarding finding large numbers of vms in maintenance enabled and powered off.



That issue  was happening after the power management kicked in over the night. After some reboot fails of the problematic machines-  all remained in unregistered state. I left them in maintenance and off.I powered on one from the hypervisor  console and tried to authenticate with a domain user ….  the trust relation ship between machine and the domain was broken…

From the PVS console i made a reset for the password computer account

2And the machine registered no problem




I continued to search for various accounts with similar issues  and reset when i reset the account of one of the machine i got the following error message


I dig on the Active Directory and seems that some accounts from the VDI OU are not longer managed by the account that was supposed to do that.   I reinforced the user to have full control again on the objects from the VDI container


I also checked the domain GPO for the account password  changed policy  to be enabled


 I  reseted  the machines account password for affected vms  and all came back to normal.




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