Installation/Configuration XenDesktop 7.1 Controller


  The Studio Interface will auto start after finishing the Controller installationSelect Get Started Create Site


  Select Configure the Site and start delivering applications and desktopsGive the new site a name
  Configure the sql serversecondary server inDatabase name –


Click on test connection

  Click Ok to create the database


  Enter a license serverClick Connect


Click Trust the server when propted


Select the XenDesktop Enterprise from the list

Click Next



 1 Create a new connection with the hypervisor.Select from the dropdown listConnect to Vmware,XenDesktop or HyperVm infrastructure

Use MCS or other services to provision your machines

Click next

  Wait for the connection with the hypervisor



Click Browse to select the clusterSelect the desired cluster 

Click ok

  Select the VLAN for the machinesClick next after the selection
  Select all available LUN for machine creationUse the same storage for virtual machines and personal vdisk if neededClick Next
  Leave default at the next screenClick next
 3 Review every setting for the hypervisor connectionGive the resource a name and click Finish
The connection is present in the “|Hosting| tab in the Citrix Studio interface
  Next the Catalog must be created












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