Oct 16

vdisk assignment to virtual machines

Forr this action open the PVS console navigate to the device collection and select the appropriate collection. Select one of the target device and press properties


On the next window will  select the vdisk tab if any vdisk is there just select and remove it


Press on the add button and browse for your vdisk that you want to add and press Ok


In target device properties will see that the vdisk assign is in the list . Press Ok


Right click on that target device select the copy device


First  press clear all  then select the vdisk assignment and press copy.


Select he rest of the target device that will use the same vdisk press paste  . It shows the list of the devices that are about to have the same disk and press paste at the end


The next screen shows that the all the machine has the new vdisk in place


Now all the devices has the new vdisk assigned so at the next boot will have the new version available


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