Configure SQL 2008 R2 Mirror – Part 1 – modify database + backup

Primul post in engleza:)


–          2 machines installed with the same version of SQL enterprise

–          The same administrative accounts on both servers

–          Create a folder in root on both SQL servers ( C:\db_backup)

–          The principal database must be in FULL recovery mode

Log on the master SQL server with the administrative account
Go to “start menu”
Select “SQL server management Studio”



Check that services are running with the right users/services accounts for SQL Server Configuration Manager.




Go to “start menu”.
Select “SQL server management Studio”.
Check the server name, and then press “connect”.




The main administration window will be available – connected to the sql server



Right click on the database that we would like to mirror – in this example “Provisioning Services” database and modify the recovery model to “Full”



Select the database, click right on it, go to “tasks” and select “backup”



Select “full” from backup type
Click “add”



Select the path c:\db_backup – should be previously created
Enter the name of the database backup as needed
Press “ok” twiceimage012

Repeat the operation for backup but in this new iteration select “transaction log” as backup type, and select the same destination  for the backup file.
The backup file name: “provisioningservices_translog.bak”.






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    This is interesting! way to go guys!

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