Update Platform layer

Log into ELM console

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Create an Applayer Image

After you have all the components ready OS , platform , application layer you can construct an image using them

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Create an Application Layer

This is a the tutorial that learns you how to build an individual layer for an application. These apps are based on existing OS layer that is not domain join and usually comes with a receipt from Citrix ( Office, Skype, Teams)

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Create a Platform Layer

This is the backbone of the Applayer image because it collects all the important bits ( domain join, policies, Citrix components)

The Platform layer contains the following :

  • domain join of the future image to a domain
  • target device
  • VDA
  • Workspace client if necessary
  • Other generic stuff that cannot be place in a separate layer.

This should be lightweight and no other apps should stay there. Except the one that maybe Citrix recommended.

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Update OS layer

Upgrading the OS layer is a recurrent action that has to be done, because you have to upgrade with the security KB the base OS and their components.

Taking this in account you should follow the following steps :

  1. Logon to the ELM
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ELM appliance install

In this tutorial will speak about how to deploy an ELM applance , from the citrix website in the download section take source that suits your need . I followed of course the Citrix recommendations from here, but at the end i tuned as i need it.

For my example i choose the vmware one.

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OS layer creation

I’ll present below how to create a new OS layer from scratch.

Log on into the ELM web console and navigate to layers OS layers

In the right pane there is create OS layer, click on it

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ELM appliance update

I will present now how update and ELM appliance .

For the begining a snapshot of the ELM machine is good to take into account, with the machine off, I advice. Another backup solution is to export all layers. Choose the one that suits you the more

I followed the citrix documentation https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-app-layering/4/upgrade.html

I got the latest sources from the citrix site https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-app-layering/product-software.html

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Creating a MCS catalog and machines

To create a MCS Catalog for the Xendesktop use the Studio console and launch the wizard, but prior to that is necessary to have a windows client installed  domain joined and with VDA  7.15 inside.

My choice was a windows 10 1709 release

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Video card Passthrough in ESXi

Ths is one of my pet project to have on my Vmware ESXi host a working machine as desktop PC.

In order to achieve this I dig for a video card that can be used for this project. That is not officially supported Continue reading